I hold you ever dearer.

Had it not been for your advice he would have been ruined.

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Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: Few people are interested, and the frog dies.

Timothy is all talk.

Louis believes in the power of love.

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I want to tell them good night.

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The village is beyond those trees.

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There is a red rose in the vase.


I had a suspicion that he would leave me.

The time is ripe for a drastic reform.

I know atheists that have more humanity than all these religious and these socialists.

I won't go back to prison.

Through what does this road go?

I can't go out because I have a lot of homework.

It's an obscene thing.


You've got the advantage.

My aunt died an old spinster.

Julie is better at French than I am.

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Marian was intimate with Ofer.


Nobody's allowed in there.

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If that happens again, I'll leave.


She's looking but she doesn't see anything.

Bill got some wrong on the test.

Are you still looking for them?

How is the weather in your country?

They ought to have arrived there by this time.

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Is eating fish every day bad for you?


Ro congratulated Leon on her graduation.

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All old people need someone to talk to.

No one is bound to the impossible, except me!

Sal won't sing.


I graduated from university last year.

You don't owe her anything.

Are you ever going to tell me what happened that night?


By the time I came, he'd gone away.

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I wanted to go home.


Kaj looked at the ring John gave Skeeter.

When did you begin learning English?

We'll be dining in the kitchen.

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Was that guy Spencer?

Amigo is almost six feet tall.

My father bought this hat for me.

It's better to be poor and in good health than rich and ill.

I told you it was a bad idea.


Subra had to be institutionalized after a thorough psychiatric evaluation.

Mechanical devices are more reliable than electronic ones.

Try this hat on and see if it fits you.


Does she dare to go into the forest?

We are faced with a host of problems.

You look different somehow.

Koyomi bought a bow and arrows.

Annard is the right man for the job.

Novorolsky always keeps a fishing rod in his car.

Lynnette wondered how many hours it took Louie to get ready for the party.


I know how you can stop that from happening.

He went through a lot when he was younger.

My mother didn't let me wear a miniskirt.

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I'll be out of your way in just a moment.


You are not permitted to touch the art.

Douglas's not well enough to go to work today.

Leave Darci's things alone.


When we went to the hall, the concert had already begun.

Nowadays it is not unusual for a woman to travel alone.

I would like to thank my parents, Kim and Josh.

Debbie heard a whistle.

I told you it was time to quit.


I don't mind either way.

You'll be confused.

You should call.

Carl loved Patty, but she didn't like him at all.

I've lost my key.

You'll bring them, won't you?

In a few moments you'll become either a holy martyr or a dead witch.

We brought it with us.

We'll never see them again.

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It was cloudy, with occasional rain.

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Anna has always been stubborn.


I know you tried your best.

She didn't deserve to die.

Listen, I have good news.

Will you pay?

I bought several cassettes of the popular singers.


Sean probably won't even notice Leung's new necklace.


Have you heard from the rest of the team?

Lloyd looked under the bed to see if the other slipper was there.

At last I finally arrived too.

I called earlier.

I think she is showing off her new dress to us.


You don't understand anything.

That might take too long.

The book is not available at the moment.

Dawson isn't ashamed of what he did.

The woman drinks water now.


Allan interviewed Susumu.

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Olivier drove right past Jack's house.

How many times have you seen this?

Space has some clothes that need to be washed.

Van told Hamilton he'd visit her in Boston every weekend.

What was it made of?


Tell Christophe I'll be there in thirty minutes.


Because I was a newspaper reporter.

There was no objection on the part of those present.

He amassed a large fortune before he died.

I want us to make it happen.

I worked really hard on this.

What we have to do is persuade Cory to leave.

Marsh handed the bowl of buttered popcorn to Skip.

My sleeping patterns have been turned upside down due to the Olympics.

I cannot agree with you.

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We must keep law and order.

I don't think there's a problem.

Round-trip fares to each destination are as follows.

"Have you ever been told that you look like Reid Cruise?" "Ah, people tell me that sometimes, but I don't think we look alike at all myself."

I just gave them one.


The interview went off so well that he got the job.


They're defenseless.

He is depressed.

Due to a cold, I've lost my voice.

Marsha has two DUIs.

The night was pitch black.


I wish we'd told Pilar to come, too.

Stop questioning me.

Brad's expectations were too high.


Underneath we wrote the names of the students in our class.

They stayed at a new hotel in Kobe.

You seem kind of quiet.

Myron often takes a nap after lunch.

We ordered too much food.

That's why elderly people love you.

I could hardly get a wink of sleep last night.


He lost a watch which I had bought him a week before.

Gregge used to love that.

He is known to almost everybody throughout the world.

A tiger is a beast of prey.

Irfan thinks that I did that on purpose.

I've chosen her to be my wife.

What a pity it is!

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We're getting you to a hospital.

My father used to eat at this restaurant.

The red, itchy rash on Shel's skin was a telltale sign that she had chicken pox.


It quickly became obvious that Malaclypse couldn't understand very much French.

I haven't called her back.

Stay put until you hear from me.

"Are you hungry?" "I'm always hungry."

I made myself clear about my feelings for him at the outset.

Our army attacked the kingdom.

Sir's thirtyish.


Nobody's allowed to do that.

I don't want a present. I want a future.

I do not have any more time.

Calvin isn't violent.

Two detectives followed the suspect.


You are too sensitive to noise.


Laura is here to help Lana figure out her income taxes.